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User Panel - @steevc
United Kingdom
2014-12-18 13:04:12
Join Tsu to meet cool people and make a little money too. You get paid based on views on your posts. You also get paid if you recruit people who are active there (i.e. build a network). I\'m happy to answer your questions.

I am a geeky guy into music, Linux, green issues and interesting conversations. I play rock guitar for fun. Father of two cool teenagers.

You can find me all over the internet by searching for steevc. I\'ve played with lots of sites, but these days I try to concentrate on getting things done, e.g. making music. I have been around since the days of bulletin boards and dial-up modems. I even used a Teletype with acoustic coupler (ask your grandparents).

I am on Tsu to talk to interesting people, not to make money and spam people. Tsu is a great place to help charities. Even if you only make one cent you can donate it to a worthy cause.

If you want to make money then you need to get lots of other people to join up using your profile link and to encourage them to do the same. That way you can build a big network that will generate income for you. Otherwise you need a big following to make anything. It takes time an effort, but you can still enjoy the social aspect.

RIP Tsu, life goes on

Like many others I was sad to see the Tsu service shut down. They seemed to be recovering again after falling visitor numbers in the first half of 2016. I'd just gained a child who had a big following elsewhere. He might have done well on Tsu if it had continued. I'm taking this as an...

Tsu Original content is easy

I see a lot of people on Tsu desperately trying to get views with 'clickbait' posts. These often use images stolten from random sites. They were probably just found with the Google image search with no account taken of who owns the copyright. If you really need an image then use the Usage...

Tsu really does pay you

I've seen various blogs implying that Tsu is some kind of scam. It's definitely not a pyramid scheme as nobody has to put in money. That all comes from the advertisers. Tsu take 10% of it and the rest is distributed amongst users based on how many views their posts get. To really prov...

Where will Tsu boom next?

The Tsu social network is only a year old, but already has over 4 million users and is growing fast. That growth often seems to come in particular countries at different times. A while back an account was opened on behalf of the king of Morocco. He wasn't actually running it, but apparent...

I came to TSU for the money, but stayed for the people

The title sums up my experience of Tsu. I was tempted there by the prospect of making some extra money. I was disappointed when I didn't make much, but then I met a lot of great people who were enthusiastic about what this new site could do. I've been proved many times that people can mak...

Tsu for artists

Tsu introduces the potential for new income streams for creative people. It's well known that artists and musicians can struggle to make a living. The internet has helped in some cases as they can now reach a worldwide audience without needing a massive marketing budget. In some cases they be...

Blogging for fun, not profit - TSU

There are many 'get rich quick' schemes out on this great big internet. Most are scams and only the people running them will make any money. When I heard about Tsu it seemed interesting as I could see how it worked financially. I've now been on there for a couple of months and have ra...