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United States
2014-12-26 14:02:31
I love to make people laugh. I apologize now for those I may offend later.

Don't Chase Followers

Don't chase followers when you can build a network. I'm sure every Facebook use has a page on Facebook. Big companies, small companies, even affiliate marketers have a page they want people to follow. Maybe you yourself have a Facebook page that you advertise to get followers. These p...

Need Traffic To Your Blog?

Do you have a blog? Are you looking for a means to get traffic? Are you promoting it in social media? Are you aware there is another fantastic platform to show off your blog? Do you know of TSU? TSU is probably the fastest growing social site on the web. It's just like Facebook, only bett...

Please No More Game Requests

Another game request? That's what I seem to be saying everytime I go on Facebook. Game requests and begs for liking someones page. It does get quite fustrating to scroll through all this junk.  However, it is nothing compared to all the ads and suggested pages that Facebook throws into m...

The New Kid On The Block - Tsu

Facebbook, Twitter the first social media sites that mattered. If you are a member, I'm sure that you have enjoyed your activities, You've probably made a few friends there also. Well, I'm happy for you. However, there is a new kid on the block.Put your loyalty aside and read on. ...

Why Join TSU?

I get it you are a Facebook addict. You spend hours there. You have thousands of friends. You post everything there. Everytime you eat, there's a picture and a comment. Every detail of your day is posted. There are hundreds of selfies. Does Facebook ever thank you? They should. They are makin...