Disclaimer: Tsumatic.com is an independent website and is not affiliated with Tsu.co.

Q - What is Tsumatic.com?

A - Tsumatic.com is a platform where people can advertise their Tsu invitations (shortcode) to the public. People who use Tsumatic.com are voluntarily entering their Tsu.co shortcode (link) to our website with the expectation of being found in Google or any other search engine results.

Tsu users profile links are open (can be seen from address bar of the browser) to the public and are visible to anyone as long as user advertises it. Tsumatic.com requires an e-mail address to register and this email address does NOT need to match your Tsu.co e-mail address. We highly recommend that you do NOT use same password (your Tsu.co password) in our website. Tsumatic.com has no interest in collecting your login credentials for Tsu.co.

Q -  Is Tsumatic.com affiliated with Tsu.co?

A -   Tsumatic.com is an independent website and is NOT affiliated with Tsu.co or any of their services.


Q - Why do I need Tsumatic.com?

A - You may need a platform where you can advertise your TSU short code to gain children. Tsumatic.com is a free platform which could bring attention to your profile and possibly help you to be found and grow your family tree.


Q - What does it cost to use Tsumatic.com?

A -  Tsumatic.com is free, just sign up and start showing your invitation code to the world.


Q- I was the first one on the list but now I am not even on the first page! How can I be found?

A - In Tsumatic.com you are in charge of your own ranking, there is a (Boost My Profile Free) section on your profile (user panel) which becomes visible once every hour. Between boosting your profile you will see a countdown timer. Whenever you see Boost My Profile button Live please click it and it will bring your profile to the first place. (Until someone else registers or use their boost button)


Q - I thought Tsumatic.com was free, why am I being asked to purchase coins for boosting my profile?

A - Purchasing coins is optional, Tsumatic.com is free to use for anyone. Everyone has 24 opportunities per day to boost their profile for free. Coins are only for the people who do not want to wait 60 minutes to boost their profiles or for users who want to boost their profiles more often than free users. Boosting your profile frequently (No delay, No wait) is increasing your chances to dominate the first spot or the first page throughout the day.  Your chances are being increased to be found by the people who came from search engines looking for invitation to use.


Q - What are Tsumatic Coins?

A -  Tsumatic coins are a premium feature of the Tsumatic.com and not required to be purchased by the users who would like to use Tsumatic for free. At Tsumatic everyone has 24 opportunities per day to boost their profiles. Those 24 opportunities can only be used once in every hour and also remaining/unused opportunities will NOT roll over to the next hour or day.

But on the other hand premium coins can be used at any second with no delay or wait; they can be used consecutively as long as you click the button.  Also premium coins do not have any expiration date or time.


Q - Is there a refund policy?

A -  We have a full refund policy with no questions asked. But this flexibility comes with some restrictions or conditions. Before you purchase coins please use your daily 24 boost opportunities to see how that works.

Tsumatic.com will make you more visible to the people who search for invitations  for Tsu from Google and other search engines. Because search traffic is not under our control, boosting your profile never guarantees to be found by your future children. It only guarantees your number one spot for a matter of second(s). Also, note that the home page of the tsumatic.com is not interactive (dynamic). That being said if a guest (visitor) comes to the website right after you have boosted your profile, the guest will be seeing you in the first spot of the home page and he/she will be seeing you until they leave the page, or refresh the page, or go to any tab and come back to the home page.

Digital goods cannot be returned by the users especially if they have been used, so for that reason there is a restriction for a full refund. We are still happy to refund the full amount that you paid even if you used up all of the coins you purchased. But in order to keep users from manipulating the full refund policy you will be deleted from our system and will never be able to register to the system with the same username-short code/email/IP/ID/blogpost . We totally understand that coins may not be working for you or you may not need them anymore but you were only promised to boost your profile to the first page by purchasing the coins and it will work every time that you hit the button, and you are paying for this service.

Please be aware of this condition if you decide to purchase coins and ask for refund afterwards. Please make sure that you are aware that you will lose your account altogether if you are refunded.


Q - How to become a featured User?

A - Featured users section is a premium service of Tsumatic.com and if you would like to find out more please contact us from Contact page. As the website grows we will make a full detailed post about featured section. Please keep in mind that Tsumatic coin system is not linked to the featured users section and coins you possibly purchase will only be placing your profile into the top of the new users section, not the featured users section.