Disclaimer: Tsumatic.com is an independent website and is not affiliated with Tsu.co.

Tsumatic.com is a platform where people can advertise their Tsu invitations (shortcode) to the public. People who use Tsumatic.com are voluntarily entering their Tsu.co shortcode (link) to our website with the expectation of being found in Google or any other search engine results.

Tsu users profile links are open (can be seen from address bar of the browser) to the public and are visible to anyone as long as user advertises it. Tsumatic.com requires an e-mail address to register and this email address does NOT need to match your Tsu.co e-mail address. We highly recommend that you do NOT use same password (your Tsu.co password) in our website as well. Tsumatic.com has no interest in collecting your login credentials for Tsu.co.


If you are not a member yet but ready to join TSU.co please check this blog post Tsu.co Invitation