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RIP Tsu, life goes on

Like many others I was sad to see the Tsu service shut down. They seemed to be recovering again after falling visitor numbers in the first half of 2016. I'd just gained a child who had a big following elsewhere. He might have done well on Tsu if it had continued. I'm taking this as an...

tsu so sad

so sad the way tsu left us hangin.. no way to contact the friends we made, and no warning. :<  ~peace~love~n~light dear`hearts & lovely luvs  I will miss tsu very much!   Darluvz@comcast.net ...

TSU Is Dead, Long Live Tsumatic

Still shrouded in mystery, TSU went down suddenly and without warning, while directly in the midst of site upgrades, presumably v4.0. In its place, a cryptic message left by Sebastian Sobzcak and a befuttled TSU Staff that doesn't have anymore answers than the rest of us do. A Ref-TSU-gee...

Goodbye Tsu

Hello, friends. Lets say Good bye to tsu. Lets stay connected. ...