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TSU Is Dead, Long Live Tsumatic

Still shrouded in mystery, TSU went down suddenly and without warning, while directly in the midst of site upgrades, presumably v4.0. In its place, a cryptic message left by Sebastian Sobzcak and a befuttled TSU Staff that doesn't have anymore answers than the rest of us do.

A Ref-TSU-gees Facebook Group has been created for us to all find each other again, as the site went down too quickly for all of us to have exchanged contact information. Like a nuclear strike, it all happened without warning and with zero means to prepare.

Though things may seem grim, there is a silver lining on this dark cloud. The way we learned to unite with each other on TSU can be carried on into other Social Media Networks and Websites. TSU has still allowed us a massive permission slip to continue to be the change we want to create.

At this point in time, when you sign onto the TSU Website, you have an option to export your data. You are given a list of *.ZIP files, one for each month of your account activity. Inside of each file, there is a directory called "images" for all of your TSU image uploads, as well as the images for other peoples posts you have shared to your own TSU wall.

In the root of the *.ZIP file, there are two other files. posts_2016-02-01..2016-03-01.json and posts_2016-02-01..2016-03-01.xml. This is the text data for each of the actual posts / shares from your TSU wall. Unless you're a programmer who knows how to create an application that can parse each post into its own *.HTML file residing in an HTML directory, the *.XML and *.JSON files are absolutely useless to the average TSU user.

This is where Tsumatic might shine again, if the owners of this site are willing. Tsumatic can evolve into a TSU Posts Archive, where we can upload our *.ZIP files and have the posts and corresponding images properly parsed and made available on this website. If the Tsumatic owners are also feeling particularly innovative, they might even allow us to insert our own Google Adsense Code and have the archive mimic the ad placement layout that TSU used to have.

I'm not sure what the Tsumatic owners are going to do, or not. However, Tsumatic does have plenty of evolution potential if creative minds prevail. The downfall of TSU is also an opportunity for the rest of us to put our thinking caps on and turn this negative event into positive inspiration to create more positive change. I know what I plan on doing. As for the rest of you, what you do -- is up to you.