Disclaimer: Tsumatic.com is an independent website and is not affiliated with Tsu.co.

Tsu Invite - Get your tsu invitation today!

Tsumatic is a free platform where TSU users can advertise their short codes. if you are looking for  a Tsu invitation to join the platform here are the most awesome people gathered for you to choose from. 

In order to become a member of Tsu.co you need to be invited, and if you really don't know anybody who uses the platform yet we have good news for you. Tsumatic is designed to advertise Tsu users and their shortcodes. Please spend some time on our website to choose your parent. Also please keep in mind that you will remain as your parent's children  forever as long as you use the TSU

Our platform shows the people who uses TSU.co by their category and interest. If you would like to find out more about your future parent please take time to look through some profiles and decide on which parent would be best for you. As our slogan states : "In the real world you can not choose your parent(s) but in Tsumatic you CAN! Choose your parent now!"

Also after you decide to use your parent's invitation to join the platform please remember one thing! How did you find your parent? So after you join TSU.co with your parent's invitation please do not forget to come back to join Tsumatic and advertise your shortcode as a parent. It's totally free as long as you want to use it for free. And its just a matter of time that you can possibly become someone's parent! How cool is that ? 

Thank you so much for your visit and we would love to see you using Tsumatic to possibly gain some children. Along the way if you may have any questions please drop us a comment from the contact tab of the website or kindly find us on TSU under the names Authicle or Tsumaticdotcom and send us a private message.

We are wishing you the best luck in your Tsu and Tsumatic journey. Please don't forget to engage with like minded people!

Have a great day!


Disclaimer : Tsumatic.com is an independent website and is not affiliated with Tsu.co