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The New Kid On The Block - Tsu

Facebbook, Twitter the first social media sites that mattered. If you are a member, I'm sure that you have enjoyed your activities, You've probably made a few friends there also. Well, I'm happy for you. However, there is a new kid on the block.Put your loyalty aside and read on.

Tsu is the new kid's name. It turns out this new kid is becoming quite popular. Hundreds, if not thousands are flocking to his house. Why, you ask? I'd have to say because TSU isn't greedy or selfish. He likes to share.

You see, TSU is just like every other social site out ther. The difference is he will share his profits with you. You use it just like Facebook and Twitter. .Tsu only keeps 10% of their profits they get from advertising. Since the users do most of the work to drive traffic to the site, TSU splits the other 90% of profits with us.

Look, you already post your life story on those other sites, why not make some money doing it. Bet you didn't know your life could earn you money, did you? Well it can. Those jokes and funny pictures you post on those other sites can make you money also on TSU.

That sound you are hearing is money falling into your bank.  The whole key to your sucess is to post quality stuff and interact with the thousands of cool TSU users. Trust me, once you sign up and try TSU, you will be begging your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to join you.

Join TSU. You will only be using Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone about the fun you are having on TSU. Of course you can only be invited by someone to join TSU. Therefore I'm inviting you to join. Use my link to join.


Another plus, no more stupid game requests that flood your Facebook. At TSU we don't play games. We are people orientated. Hope to see you there.