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Please No More Game Requests

Another game request? That's what I seem to be saying everytime I go on Facebook. Game requests and begs for liking someones page. It does get quite fustrating to scroll through all this junk.  However, it is nothing compared to all the ads and suggested pages that Facebook throws into my timeline. Well, that is about to change.

I joined TSU. It's just like Facebook, but so much better. Number one, they don't bombared your timeline with sponsered links. They don't need to beg for clicks to make money. Number two, no games here. TSU has people that welcome you and engage with you. They don't need a game to keep you on the site. They let the members do that.

Think about this. Facebook gathers your information and then bombards you with ads, hoping you will click and make Facebook more money. You will have ads on the side of your page and in your timeline. Here at TSU, your timeline is yours. You control what is on it. TSU is all about it's users.

Back to Facebook and those ads that can become overwhelming. Facebook makes millions off those ads. All that money goes into the pockets of a select few. You have to understand this. Facebook makes money off of you and your activity. You get nothing!

At TSU, you have your ads. Afterall, TSU has to make money also. However, they don't bury you with them. Plus, grab ahold of your chair, they share the profits with you! You read that right. The people at TSU know how valuable you are to the sucess of this site. They realize you do all the work.

How much money can you make? Trust me you won't become an overnight millionaire. TSU only keeps 10% of the profits and distributes the rest to it's users. You might make only pennies a day, but what is Facebook paying you? Nothing. If anything, Facebook with it's millions proves those pennies add up.

I'll now reveal the secret to making money on TSU. Just use it! That simple. Just join, create your profile, post, like other posts, share other posts you like, and make friends. Sounds familar, right? It's what you to on Facebook anyway.

TSU is so special that you can only join through an invite. Consider this your offical invite. Social media is about people. Not games and no control over what goes on your timeline. Come join me and the thousands of great people at TSU. You will be surprised at the fun you can have connecting with people. Stop playing Farmville and Candy Crush. Discover people!. Just copy and paste my invitation link in your browser and enter the best social media site ever. Don't be intimitated. The users at TSU will gladly help you figure it out. See you there!

My link to join TSU,