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Don't Chase Followers

Don't chase followers when you can build a network.

I'm sure every Facebook use has a page on Facebook. Big companies, small companies, even affiliate marketers have a page they want people to follow. Maybe you yourself have a Facebook page that you advertise to get followers. These pages are great for advertising and providing updates for you products or business. I'm sure that they even lead to purchases or signups. However, there is another great site that can give you access to millions of prospects.

The site is called TSU (pronounced Sue). It is just like Facebook, except that you get paid to post, That's right, TSU will pay you to advertise your business. Does Facebook do this? No, they keep all the money that your content creates for them. TSU will share the profit with you.

Think about this a minute. You use Facebook to get people interested in your business. The only way you make any money is if someone makes a purchase or joins you. Facebook is making tons of money off your page.

You can do the same thing and make money everytime someone visits your page. Even if they are not interested in your offer, TSU still will pay you.

Granted, you won't make tons of money, but you will make more the the zero dollars that Facebook pays you. In reality, TSU will pay you just to advertise and discuss your offer. Just like Facebook, it's free.

TSU can only be joined by invitation. I'll include my invitation link at the bottom of this page. I encourage you to give this a try. You already have a fan page at Facebook. Why not create one at TSU and get paid to promote. Whatever you post on Facebook, just transfer it over to TSU.

What do you have to lose? You are always looking for new ways to get the word out, so try it. If you don't like it, just leave. I have a feeling that you'll be sticking around and wish someone had invited you earlier.

Interested? Follow my link to TSU. I look forward to seeing you there. https://tsu.co/mrpooper