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TSU Is Dead, Long Live Tsumatic

Still shrouded in mystery, TSU went down suddenly and without warning, while directly in the midst of site upgrades, presumably v4.0. In its place, a cryptic message left by Sebastian Sobzcak and a befuttled TSU Staff that doesn't have anymore answers than the rest of us do. A Ref-TSU-gee...

Goodbye Tsu

Hello, friends. Lets say Good bye to tsu. Lets stay connected. ...

Come join Tsu! Brief Review

Hey guy's Eric here for another blog! It's been a long time since I've wrote something here but after taking a break from tsu, I've dived back into it! Since then, there has been a bunch of changes to the system and I talk a little about them in this review! How you post is a ...

Tsu Original content is easy

I see a lot of people on Tsu desperately trying to get views with 'clickbait' posts. These often use images stolten from random sites. They were probably just found with the Google image search with no account taken of who owns the copyright. If you really need an image then use the Usage...